All-In-One  Content & User Optimization Suite
Social Share
 User Engagement
 AI Personalization
 Amplify Content
Engage PRO
Amplify PRO 
Content & User Optimization
Real-Time Personalization
User Insights
Live User Actions
Newsletter Subscribers
Likes and Comments
Content Optimization & Increase User Value
Optimize your Social Plugin
Increase Shares, Allow Like/Bookmark, Comments, Insights and Newsletter Subscription
Engage Users with Most Shared Related Content, User Insights, Live User Action Feed
User Value
Shared By User Profile  Influences User to Share More
Real-Time Personalization
Engage Users with Most Shared Related Content while Sharing the article
Newsletter Subscription
Subscribe Users to Newsletter in one click while sharing the article
Engage Users with Live User Action
X shared this Content on Twitter, Facebook. Z is Top-Influencer with 1k pageviews. Zx Viewed Page Insights. Yg Liked the Content and more
Likes and Comments
  • Plugin your favorite Comments Plugin
  • Allow Users to Like/Bookmark the Content for later read
  • Engage Users with Insights
    Page-views, Shares, Top-Influencers, Likes
    Amplify PRO
    Engage PRO 
    Analytics & Page-Insights
    Personalized Most-Shared Content Tab
    Amplify the content by Engaging Users with Personalized Most-Shared Related Content in a Non-Instrusive and Unique Way
      How It Works
    Engage More Users
  • Personalization - Related Content matching User Preferences
  • Engage Users with Page-Insights and Top-Influencers
  • Engage Users with Live User Action
  • Grow Newsletter Subscribers
  • Subscribe Users to Email Newsletter while Sharing the Content
  • One click Subscription for Logged in Users
  • Increase Content Sharing
  • Responsive Web and Mobile Social Plugin Themes
  • Influence Users to Share Content
  • User Social Profile on the Content they Share
  • Analytics and Page-Insights
  • Content Insights
         PageViews, Shares, Most-Shared Content
  • User Insights
         Top Influencer, Content Preferences
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