Know, Engage, Grow and Retain Users
User Value
Add to Share Plugin
User Profile
Newsletter Subscription
Personalized Content
User Insights
Likes and Comments
Add login, User Identity and engagement
tools to share plugin
Convert readers into customers and influencers
Easy login/signup User management
Collect Emails - User identities User insights
Newsletter Subscription Personalized content
Likes/Comments Payment tools **
Add user value and keep users coming back

User Profile on content shared

SharedBy User Profile encourages Users to Share and Engage more

Email Newsletter Subscription

One Click Newsletter Subscription for users
Focus on user value and drive
authentic engagement

Engage Users with Live User Actions
FOMO Influences Users to perform similar actions
Likes and Comments

Allow Users to Like/Save the Content

Plugin your favorite Comments Plugin
*Coming soon
Add payment tools to your Share plugin
Sell and manage premium subscriptions

Sell and manage premium newsletters

Ask for Donations

and much more
 Add User Insights and Engage Users

Top Influencers

User share insights

User action insights

User Likes

Personalized Most Shared Content

Engage with personalized most shared content while sharing
Convert share plugin into a powerful marketing tool
Know your Users

Add login, Collect Emails and User Identities

Top Influencer and User Insights

Engage Users with Live User Actions, SharedBy User Profile

Personalized Most Shared Content

User Insights, Page Insights, Top Influencers, Like/Save, Comments

Grow your User Community and User Engagement

Maximize content shares, organic social traffic & earned media value

Increase Revenues, premium subscribers, leads and sales

Convert Happy Users to Newsletter subscribers, Premium Subscribers, leads, demos, and sales

Target loyal Users and Earn more revenues directly.

Add User Value and keep users coming back

Delight your users with great User Experience and retain them for life
Product built and designed with your users in mind

More Happy Users = More Revenues